Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 11/6/2019

When I try to login it is asking me to verify numbers that I do not recognize, why? Everyone logging into to the new system must re-register. If you are seeing verification numbers that you do not recognize it is likely due to an incorrect username entry.

From your desktop: If you have not registered, and you are not a bill pay user, simply select “Access My Account” and follow the prompts to register.   If you are a bill pay user, you should have received an email with registration information to guide you through the process.

From your app: Make sure you have downloaded the new user app. Then, if not a bill pay user, click “Sign up now” and follow the prompts to register. If you are a bill pay user, you should have received an email with registration information to guide you through the process.

If you are still having trouble, we will be happy to assist you by Facebook Messenger, by email at, or by reaching us at  If received after-hours, we will be in contact as soon as possible during normal business hours.

Why I am seeing accounts that I don’t normally see? The new online and mobile app are designed to allow you to see all of the accounts that you are an owner on so that you can manage them all under one convenient login.  If you do not want to view all of the accounts you are on you do have the option of hiding them.

From your desktop: Select the drop down by your name in the top right hand corner, then Settings, then Accounts, then select the pencil by the account you wish to hide and then select “Hide this Account”.

From your app: Select the drop down option in the upper left hand corner. Choose Settings, then Accounts, then click the arrow to the right of the account you want to hide. Turn the “Hide this Account” button to “On”. Then click save in the upper right hand corner.

Why can’t I view my eStatements?  eStatements will be available only to the primary member of your membership through the AMOCO eBranch.

Why can’t I view my Bill Pay?   Your existing Bill Pay (prior to the new eBranch) has transitioned to the primary member on your membership.  If desired, we can move access to bill pay to another account owner.  This may be requested by contacting us through your online or mobile eBranch application Message Center or at .

I think I’ve found a bug!  We understand that with a new eBranch system, you may discover bugs that were not identified in our extensive testing.  If you believe you have found a bug, please report the details to us through your online or mobile eBranch application Message Center or at

We appreciate your patience through the eBranch transition and for being a loyal member of AMOCO Federal Credit Union. 


The first step in the login process requires you to provide your online banking username.

  • Enter the username you selected when you registered for online banking.
  • Select Not Enrolled if you have not yet registered for online banking (you don't have a username).
  • Please call us if you have previously registered for online banking but you do not remember your username.
  • Select Sign On after you enter your username.


After entering your username and possibly entering your security questions, you will need to enter your password.

  • The password screen displays your username, image secret, and confidence image. Make sure all three look familiar before you enter your password.
  • Select Login as a different user to go back and provide a different username.
  • Select Forgot Password if you do not remember your password.
  • If you have not registered the device you're using to access the site, you will see the Device Security option.

Device Security

  • Select device security to register your device as a saved device.
  • The system will not ask you to answer security questions when logging in from a saved device profile. Device profiles are made up of many different components, including but not limited to operating system, browser type, and cookies. Updating your browser and/or deleting cookies may invalidate a saved profile.
  • Provide a descriptive name for your device. You can manage saved device profiles from security settings.